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Live at District AdMo 9-17-2011

September 19, 2011

The turntables might wobble but THEY DONT FALL DOWN!! Talk about SUPER BASS!! JEEZ!! The bass was on #alldawayturntup!! Apparently the club brought in something like 15 extra subwoofers for a #DUBSTEP show this week, so I was melting faces all night. The bass was hitting so hard, it tried to shake the needles right off the turntables like 3 times during my set… Im sure you’ll hear the wobbleyness coming thru LOL!!

I love playing at District! It was a great crowd EARLY, and they get down to pretty much everything I can throw at em. This was my first hour of the set that night and I hope you enjoy it! Shoutout 2 DJ Alkimist for the opening set, and to all my friends and fans that stopped thru! Created LIVE with 2 turntables & Serato!

BONUS!! Hour 2 of the live set!! DOWNLOAD ONLY!! LINK===>




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