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VOTE! … and other things you should do today!

March 12, 2012

Hi Everyone!!

I would love to thank all of you! Friends, fans, and fam that have contributed to my growth and success over the years!  I really need your help with some online voting!

Internationally, The DJ List ( is having a “Ranking Re-Boot” where they are resetting all of their rankings for DJs worldwide!  I would really appreciate a vote!  You can log-in using facebook, or create an account.  You might even be able to vote for me without an account or facebook login, but I havent verified that yet.  Anyway… Here is the link:

On my page at The DJ List, you will see a link to vote for me! 

****** ******* ******

Locally, Panorama Productions (who bring you the GLOW parties, which I have DJ’ed in years past, most recently with Joachim Garraud) are having a TOP DC DJ’s contest.  Unfortunately, this is purely a popularity contest vote, so I need your help with sending me to the top! Shoutout to DJ Geometrix!

I was not put on the drop-down vote list, so you will have to “write-in” my name in the boxes below the drop down list of DJs.  Write “Trayze” and vote OFTEN!!  You can verify your vote via email.  They wont spam you or send you any crap if you dont want it.  Here is the link:

Thank you so much for your votes and your time!  I REALLY appreciate it!  As always, I can’t let you go empty handed, and especially without some new music, so in return for your kindness and votes for me, I will be posting up a new mix for you today, and another one this Friday!

You can vote for more than one DJ too!  I highly suggest my Beat Refinery familyDJ Geometrix, Stylus Chris, AS-One, Enferno, and I-DEE!

Happy Music Monday!!

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